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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all patients with the care and knowledge that they need to live their best pain-free lives through quality, custom-tailored Chiropractic care.

Patient Empowerment

Here at Etzl Chiropractic, we take pride in educating our patients so that they obtain all the tools they need to live their healthiest lives. While we love seeing and treating our patients, our main goal is to get our patients to a point where they no longer need us to manage their pain. 


Cal G.

"Great clinic. I was able to quickly schedule an appointment. Staff was great. They do follow up to see how you're doing afterwards. Very friendly and professional."


Chris K.

"This place is great. On days when I'm really in pain I don't have an appointment, George fits me in and gets me feeling like myself again. Thanks for being head and shoulders above the rest."

Patient Centered Care

We consider biological, psychological as well as social factors when it comes to treating our patients rather than just considering their pain. This gives us a whole picture which allows us to provide the best, custom-tailored care possible. Patients are more than just their pain and that is why we pride ourselves on going the extra mile when it comes to our patient care.

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